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Online Ordering Process

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Thank you for checking out Moriarty Meats! 

Please take a minute to read this overview of our online ordering process so that you know what to expect from our system. COVID-19 forced us to jump-start an online ordering system overnight and we have made several changes since March 2020 to improve the process for customers. That said, we know is remains an imperfect system and appreciate your patience and understanding!

The Basics:

  • We open our Square store for the week each Tuesday morning.

  • Some items, such as ground beef and sausage, have a set price and you will pay in full at checkout.

  • Other items, like steaks and roasts, will not have a final price until they are prepared for your order.

    • For these items, you pay a DEPOSIT at checkout to place your order. You will be responsible for the balance owed. We send an email invoice for the difference to the email you provide at checkout.

    • These items are indicated in the product heading by the qualifier "(deposit)" and the description contains both a deposit price AND a total price per pound.

    • If you have saved a card on file, your card will be charged and you will not receive an invoice.

  • You will receive an email from Square when your order is ready for pick up. Generally, orders are ready on Thursday. In some cases, if there are more orders than usual OR if a product arrives late to the shop, it will not be ready until Saturday. 

  • The Square store does not contain all of the products available in the store. We will have more variety in store. We also reserve quantity for in store shopping, so if somethings is sold out online, we may still have some available in store.

  • If you are looking for something that you don't see or have trouble with the online ordering system, please call 716-239-8465 and someone will assist you. 

Our Weekly Process:


We prepare the order form according to the particular inventory and special items for the week. Every week is new!


The Online Store goes live and we notify our email list! 


We close our online pre-orders on Wednesday to shift to the next step of printing and filling the orders.


We start packing! You will receive an email from Square when your order is ready. Once you get this notice, you can pick up during our pick-up hours (Thurs-Sat). Please come get your bag when it is convenient, even if you have not received the final invoice yet.


We keep packing and aim to finish all of the pre-orders on Friday. We will also email the final invoices, which list each item and the balance owed.


We help everyone coming to pick up! ALL PAYMENTS ARE DUE SATURDAY!

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