Ordering Process Overview

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We prepare the order form according to the particular inventory and special items for the week. Every week is new!


The Online Order Form goes live! (Please note that we will not accept any orders placed before we send the link to our email list)


You will pay a deposit when place your order. Since we sell by the price per lb on most items, we do not have a final price until everything is cut and packaged. You will receive an invoice later in the week with your balance due based on the actual cost of your order. (If you have saved a card on file, your card will be charged and you will not receive an invoice. I will email you confirming that your payment is complete.) 


Depending on the number of orders received and inventory we have left, we generally close our online pre-orders on Wednesday to shift to the next step of printing and filling the orders and notifying people when they can pick up.


We start packing! You will receive an email from Square when your order is ready. Once you get this notice, you can pick up during our pick-up hours (Fri & Sat). Please come get your bag when it is convenient, even if you have not received the final invoice yet.

FRIDAY (pick-up day 1):

We keep packing and aim to finish all of the pre-orders on Friday. We will also begin to email the final invoices to everyone with an attachment that shows the breakdown of your order, your deposit, your actual cost, and your balance. You will also see a $1 line for orders totaling less than $50 or a $2 line for orders over $50 that helps to offset the additional costs related to online orders.

In the example below, the deposit is $75, the total cost of the order is $91.37 and the balance is $16.37. Mary Smith will get an email invoice reflecting that final amount. 





SATURDAY (pick-up day 2):

We help everyone coming to pick up! PAYMENTS ARE DUE SATURDAY! You will be charged $5 for each additional payment follow up. 

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