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Our Team


Tom Moriarty 


Caitlin Moriarty


Andy Bauerschmidt


Mike Kroetsch

Our Amazing Staff Also Includes:

Andrew Gleason, Assistant Butcher

Amelia Golia, Merchandise & Customer Service

Kyle Lafferty, Server & Shop Assistant

Sara O'Brien, Server

Melanie Rickard, Online Order Coordinator

Kalissa Rondinelli, Assistant Business Manager

Hannah Rowland, Server

Hallie Wright, Server

Devon Zimmerman, Assistant Butcher


Zawadi Mkambilwa

Caitlin, Tom & Andy portraits by Shaw Photography Co

Moriarty Meats

Moriarty Meats started in January 2018 as a part time venture, as both Caitlin and Tom kept full time jobs while testing the waters. In April 2019, we left those jobs to devote all of our energies to building this business, and in July we purchased the building at 1650-1652 Elmwood Avenue. Our new shop opened in March 2020! The café bar opened in Fall 2021.


2020, Shaw Photography Co.

2017, Dolce Ellie Photography.

Thomas & Caitlin Moriarty

After managing a beef farm in Massachusetts, Tom earned a degree from L'ecole Nationale Superieure des Metiers de la Viande (French national butchery school) in 2011. He worked as a butcher in Avallon, France, while completing the program. He also draws from his experience at La Escuela de Hostelería de Leioa (Spanish culinary arts and hospitality) and various kitchens in Spain to offer a unique perspective of meat and cooking.

Caitlin is the COO at Moriarty Meats and an architectural and cultural historian. She holds a B.A in Urban Studies from Brown University and a Ph.D. in Architecture from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She moved to Buffalo in 2011 to study post World War II neighborhood identity.


Caitlin and Tom live above the shop on Elmwood with their two sons.

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