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Moriarty Meats is a family run locally sourced butcher shop in Buffalo, New York. We enhance the food culture of the region by providing skillfully cut meat, curated products, and unique experiences. We share our customers’ appreciation of good food and good company, and we embrace our shop’s ability to elevate and inspire everyday life.


💡We are thoughtful. In a world where speed dominates, we bring a thoughtfulness to all of our work, from the treatment of the animals we cut through the customer experience in our shop. We believe that high quality products and experiences shouldn't be rushed. 

🔗 We foster connection. We value real relationships with our customers, farmers, and community. We provide a welcoming space where customers feel appreciated and develop a deeper connection to their food.


🚢 Our shop transports people in time and space. The specialty butcher shop is a rarity today. We love when customers share how Moriarty Meats resonates with them; whether it's a memory of European travel or a neighborhood butcher shop from their youth, our shop takes people on an inner journey.

🍋 We are zest! As much as anything else, fun and appreciation are important elements of our business. Born of our own sense of adventure and pursuit of a self-defined life, Moriarty Meats is a conduit for inspiring others to enjoy their own lives... and maybe cook up some meat while they're at it!

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Café Bar Counter Server

Moriarty Meats is looking for a fun and enthusiastic counter server for our Café Bar!  You’ll be an important part of our customer service team, greeting customers with a smile when they walk in the door and offering assistance with anything they need.  This role is ideal for friendly, personable workers who appreciate our combination of casual service and upscale food in our unique setting.  


Part-time, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and/or Saturdays.


Job responsibilities include:

  • Greet customers as they come into the café bar and offer your assistance with their orders

  • Ring up food orders and communicate those orders to the kitchen staff, making sure to note any special requests so all items are made correctly

  • Explain menu items to customers with enthusiasm and descriptive language, and be knowledgeable about our ingredients so you can tell customers about our commitment to quality ingredients and whole animal butchery

  • Run orders from the kitchen to tables  

  • Bus tables and ensure a clean eating environment 

Job Skills & Qualifications:


  • Availability lunches - Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, or Saturdays

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Positive attitude and friendly demeanor


  • Previous food service experience

  • Experience handling cash and using credit card processing machines

If you think you are a fit for this job and our company, please fill out the form here!

Butcher (whole animal)

Moriarty Meats is looking to hire a full time butcher to fabricate fresh meat from the whole animals that we intake weekly.  


Sample tasks include:

  • Breaking down sides of beef, lamb, and pork into case-ready cuts 

  • Setting up presentation of retail cases

  • Cutting items as needed to fill online orders 

  • Accepting deliveries and placing orders

  • Assisting customers during retail hours

The ideal candidate has at least 2 years of experience in whole animal butchery and shares our company values. Kitchen experience is preferred.


Other important qualities include:

  • Focus and attention to detail

  • Willingness to learn and to share 

  • Positive attitude and passion for our brand

  • Customer focus 

  • Morning cheer (cut room starts at 6am!)  


If you think you are a fit for this job and our company, please email your resume to