1. When can I place an online order?

The order form goes live on Tuesday morning when we send an email to our email subscribersOrders placed before this time will not be honored.

2. Why does it say (deposit) next to each item on the order form?

The exact price of each item (other than pre-portioned items) depends on the exact weight, which we do not have until your product is cut and packaged! We cannot charge the card that you used for the deposit to place your order, so you will receive a separate invoice for the balance owed. If you have a card saved on file, we will charge that card and email you a confirmation (you will not get an invoice). 

3. When can I pick up my order?


Although Square auto-generates a pick up time when you place your order, please look out for the "Your Order is Ready For Pick Up" email that we initiate when your bag is complete. This may be before or after the time that was in your confirmation email. Sometimes, we do not have certain items until late Thursday or Friday, which delays completing the orders that contain those items. 

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