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Company Values

💡We are thoughtful. In a world where speed dominates, we bring a thoughtfulness to all of our work, from the treatment of the animals we cut through the customer experience in our shop. We believe that high quality products and experiences can't be rushed. 


🔗 We foster connection. We value real relationships with our customers, farmers, and community. We provide a welcoming space where customers feel appreciated and develop a deeper connection to their food.


🚢 Our shop transports people in time and space. The specialty butcher shop is a rarity today. We love when customers share how Moriarty Meats resonates with them; whether it's a memory of European travel or a neighborhood butcher shop from their youth, our shop takes people on an inner journey.


🍋 We are zest! As much as anything else, fun and appreciation are important elements of our business. Born of our own sense of adventure and pursuit of a self-defined life, Moriarty Meats is a conduit for inspiring others to enjoy their own lives... and maybe cook up some meat while they're at it!

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