2020 Workshops, Small Group Instruction, & Private Lessons

The best way to appreciate whole animal butchery is by seeing the process firsthand. We are excited to expand our workshop offerings in 2020 as part of our mission of helping people see where their food comes from and understand the variety of cuts that whole animal butchery yields. In addition to our breakdown workshops, we are also offering small group instruction and private lessons by request. Please see the information below and reach out with any questions!  


Please note that workshops and lessons are generally held on Monday evenings or Tuesdays to avoid conflict with preparations for the retail week. Let us know if you are interested but unable to attend any of the dates listed below.


Breakdown Workshops

Our monthly breakdown workshops feature a rotating schedule of animals from local farms. They center on a demonstration and discussion of breaking down an entire pork, lamb, or beef quarter into the various primal and sub-primal muscles we prepare for weekly retail sales. Tom talks through his process, including the full description of individual muscles and alternative cutting decisions that would yield different end results. When it is possible, we enjoy having the farmer present to speak about their operation and learn what makes their production process distinct.     


Small Group Instruction

These intimate classes are generally 3-8 people depending on the topic and can be tailored to your specific interests. You can initiate a class alone and we will open it for public registration or come to us with a predetermined group!  For extra fun and a more unique event, most classes can be scheduled to culminate with a dinner.


Examples include:

  • Beef Top Sirloin Breakdown: Participants learn to break down a top sirloin into its three primary muscle groups, yielding the sirlion cap (aka picanha), the filet of sirloin, and the heart of sirloin. (Approximately $200)

  • Heart of Shoulder Breakdown: After trimming excess fat and nerves, participants will separate the heart of shoulder into its two parts, one suitable for steaks and the other for roasts. This workshop provides a good opportunity to add the dinner component and eat the fruits of your labor! (Approximately $150)

  • Slow Cooking Cuts: This hands-on class features cuts like oxtail, chuck flap, and short rib and instruction in best practices on how to prepare these flavorful favorites. (Approximately $125)

  • Making Bacon: It’s called meat candy for a reason … everyone loves bacon, but do you know how approachable it is to make? We’ll show you the ropes and set a date to come back to have the bacon sliced. We can also offer an option to add on a pork belly breakdown demo. (Approximately $100 base for ~10lbs bacon. Please note that it might not be possible to source local product for this workshop.)

  • Tie Like a Pro: Tying roasts not only looks appealing but it creates a uniform shape ideal for even cooking. Come in and learn the tricks of the trade with brasciole and paupiettes, some of the prettiest items in our case.  (Approximately $100 includes ~10lbs meat)

  • Meat Tasting: Each cut of meat has a different taste and texture. Learning what to look for and how to identity various cuts will widen your repertoire and help you know why you like the things you do! (Starts at $75)

  • Cooking: Want to be a more adventurous home cook but unsure where to start? We can create a class to show you how to utilize some lesser known cuts of meat or something specific you’re trying to perfect! (Starts at $75)

  • Your Idea Here! What do you want to learn or practice?


Private Lessons

For the most personalized experience customized to your interests, inquire about a one-on-one lesson with Tom!


Download workshop information as a PDF here!

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